Signs that you might be parenting a medically complex child

You accidentally put Miralax in your coffee this morning.

Or, you accidentally put Thick-It in your coffee this morning.

You proceeded to drink the Miralax/Thick-It infused coffee because you were either too sleep-deprived to realize what you’d done, or too sleep-deprived to care.

Your energy level ranges from “tired” to “so tired I can’t remember my zip code.”

You send your significant other to pick up your child’s latest prescription, because you are avoiding the pharmacy tech that you caused to cry last week.

You’re on a first-name basis with the person in charge of “incontinence products resupply.”

You make To-Do lists on the discarded backs of Tegaderm bandages.

You are weirdly excited by velcro.

You own a laminator.

Alternatively, you continue to do all your laminating at Office Depot, even though you know it’s more expensive in the long run, because having other people print your stuff is one of your only opportunities for face-to-face human interaction.

All of your mom friends are online.

Your everyday conversation is peppered with acronyms that literally no one understands except therapists, nurses, and your internet mom friends. Like, not even your partner. Some therapists aren’t sure what you’re talking about either.

You spend your less-than-ample spare time educating your elected representatives about how health care actually works.

People get confused when they walk into your home for the first time, because your living room looks so much like an OT gym.

Your child’s OT asks if she can see clients in your living room while her building is being renovated.

Your child’s “pretend doctor” kit is composed of real medical supplies collected from the hospital. (“Hey, wanna put the anesthesia mask on Daniel Tiger? I sure hope he hasn’t eaten in the last 12 hours!”)

All of the ads in your Facebook sidebar are for adaptive strollers and catheters.

You cope with the oddities of your life by making darkly humorous lists about it, and instead of ending with something trite about how precious your child is (which should be everyone’s fundamental underlying assumption because DUH they are your child), you end the list with a little meta commentary on the fact that you made a list about these things. Then you laugh hysterically and take an Ativan.



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