I refuse to legitimize Trump’s presidency

I do not believe that any State has inherent legitimacy. Governments are legitimate only to the extent that they embody and express the self-governing of their people. (All the people. Not just the majority of voters. Everyone.)  In many ways, Trump exemplifies the illegitimacy of our government.

Half the country didn’t vote for a president.

He did not win the popular vote, and I don’t recognize the electoral college in its current form as legitimate or just, since it gives vastly disproportional representation to certain states.

There is evidence of voter suppression of minorities in states where Trump won the electoral college.

The election (like others) was heavily influenced by corporate media and special interests.

Trump has financial conflicts of interest that should prevent him from governing.

I’m not even going to address the Russia thing.

He is a racist, an ableist and a misogynist.

I did not vote for him.

I will not watch his inauguration.

I will not call him President or President-elect.



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