Reblog: Live boldly by staying alive!

This post discusses suicide. If you need to talk to someone, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14, or QLife 3pm-12am on 1800 184 527, or the equivalent support service in your country. It also contains spoilers about the book and the film Me Before You. Me Before You is released in Australian cinemas today. I…

via Me Before You – disability as a tragedy and the laughing able gaze. — Tune into Radio Carly


First time hearing about this movie and the controversy surrounding it. As someone with a psychiatric condition that has included suicidal thoughts in the past, I find it interesting that these thoughts (and intentions, and actual action) are sanctioned in the case of a physical disability, but not in the case of a psychiatric disorder. And when the two coexist, do we ignore the latter? does depression still look like depression when it occurs in a physically disabled person, or does it – to the able bodied – look like rationality?


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