Testing 1 2 3

Welcome to my blog. At the time of writing this, I’m a young stay-at-home mom who spends a lot of time thinking about messed up the world is and how it could be better. I’ve decided to ramble about parenting, disability, and political theory here, so that my Facebook friends don’t kill me.

I will talk about my almost-two-year-old son and his medical conditions, but I’m very conscious of the need to protect his privacy. For that reason, I won’t post any pictures of him (even though he is freaking adorable) since he’s too young to give permission. I’ll refer to him by the fake internet name “Monkey”.

I’m not planning to get much into current events here, not because I don’t follow or am not interested in current events and politics, but because I spend enough time talking about all that on Facebook etc. This is my place to talk theory.

“Anarchism” in my vocabulary refers to the political philosophy traditionally called anarchism, which is a type of anti-statist socialism. There are various other terms, eg. libertarian communism, some of which have slightly different meanings. It has nothing to do with unregulated capitalism or guns or getting to do whatever you want.

I’ll abruptly end here since I need to go bathe my child. My next post will probably be more organized.


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